Thursday, February 26, 2015

Basement Built Ins (A DIY of Sorts)

Hello, hello! Here's a DIY kind of project I thought you might be interested in. We're talking about some serious book storage happening in our newly finished basement. Drywall built ins with rustic, wood shelves. 

When we started work on our basement I knew we needed to make room for my husband's ever growing book collection. We opted to create two "built ins" in the family room to flank his office door. (He didn't really have room for all the books in his office - it's not a big room.) 

I was inspired by Lauren Liess' library in her family home.

And found this tutorial by The Wood Grain Cottage to be helpful as well. 

Here's a look at our process. It's pretty self explanatory so I won't get into too many details. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves if you're ok with that.  

Sorry for the poor iphone photos. 

We ended up using MDF strips painted white (to blend in with the wall) as supports for the shelves. Kudos to by husband for sanding, staining, painting, etc. and our friend Scott (of S+S Developments) for doing the finishing work.

We got the shelves up and the last bit of painting done late one night. The next morning my husband was up early unpacking his books and arranging them by genre and alphabetical order. We managed to come up with an arrangement that doesn't mess with his ordered system but still looks pretty good. AND all the books fit! (For Now).

I'm pretty pleased with how this corner of the basement came together. I think it was certainly worth the effort, and it was quite budget friendly. You could totally do this. 

I promise there will be more to show you as we finish things up. Catch little bits over at my instagram too. 



Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DIY Watercolour Valentines Cards

Well, wouldn't you know?! I'm back with another blog post. I can hardly believe it myself. Anyway, my kids needed some valentines cards for a V-Day party later this week so I pulled out my watercolours last night and got to painting. The results are very simple but pretty. Thought I'd share them with you. 

A closer look. 

As you can see, I just cut out some small pieces of watercolour paper and stuck to a simple red, pink and black scheme. I used a fine tip permanent marker to add some details too. Easy, easy. The kids will address the cards on the back and that will be it! 

Hope your week is going well. 



Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Instagramin' It

Hello, friends! I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I've joined instagram (finally), and you can catch bits of my decorating obsession there. I don't find much free time to sit down to the blog these days. Hopefully that will change in the future, but for now, instagram is happening and it's way too much fun! 

Some recent activity. 

Let's meet up on instagram! Find me here



Monday, February 2, 2015

Project Baby. Final Four.

Hello, hello! My baby girl's nursery is coming together nicely. We're down to the final four things on the to do list (as we should be since she's growing through this baby stage all too quickly). 

Final Four:

Switch out the Crib. (This sounds like a big deal but it really isn't. We know where it's coming from - just waiting on it. Of course we have a temporary hand-me-down in place for the time being).  

Paint the inside of the armoire. It's kind of ugly in there, and things get lost in the brown, cavernous innards.  

Hang the last of the art. We're waiting on two large pieces to arrive and then the big, bare wall will be made beautiful!  

Install wall-mounted lighting beside the sofa. It's on order and I can't wait! 

Of course there will be some styling and zhushing that takes place, but we're pretty much there. I plan to have the room photographed by someone who knows what they're doing, and then I can show you! I know I've been so slow at getting this project done. Here are at least a few little bits to give you an idea of what's going down. 

It's really the sweetest, most darling little room. I love it in there! Baby's at the age where she's noticing my efforts now too. She looks around her pretty room and seems to be taking it all in. She smiles and waves her arms around; I just know she approves. 

I hope things are well with you. 



Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas 'Round Here

Hello, friends. Just popping in to say a quick hello. And can you believe that Christmas is this week?! We're looking forward to the holidays and kicking back a little over the next couple days. Our efforts to try and simplify things a little this year were certainly worth it; I've been way more relaxed getting ready for Christmas this year. It's nice to enjoy this time of year and not be completely stressed about it! 

I'm done with chevron for the most part, but this wrapping paper caught my eye and was the paper of choice this year. Found it at Wal-Mart (!!). The free printable gift tags from Creative Index were the finishing touch along with some pretty ribbon of course. There is supposed to be some gold in the tags but my printer ran out of colour ink. The simple black and white works pretty well too! 

I'm also real happy with this floral skirt I picked up from GAP. It's festive, pretty, well made and just the perfect length (hits just above the knee). AND it even has pockets which is a fun detail. It looks great with a fluffy black sweater and a sparkly necklace (or that's at least how I've enjoyed wearing it). Unfortunately, it's all sold out, but they have similar styles

Ok. And I have to give you a little peek. We switched out our living room rug, and I'm thrilled with this new (and exquisitely soft) beauty. The old one moved downstairs into the family room, and it looks even better down there. West Elm makes good rugs. 

With that I'm going to sign off and leave you with happy holiday greetings. 

Merry Christmas & Happy 2015! Thanks for reading this little blog of mine, and I'm excited for what the new year will bring. 


Friday, December 12, 2014

Just in time for Party Season

If I had a fancy-pants Christmas or New Year's Party to go to, I'd hope to wear something along these lines. Of course I live in a small, farming town and fancy just doesn't happen all that often. A Christmas party in these here parts is more likely to involve curling at the rink followed by a potluck dinner - jeans will do just fine. 

I do happen to like pretty and a little-on-the-fancy-side things however, so here's my fashion fantasy. Thanks for humouring me.

In case you wondered, I do love the simplicity of small town life, and the people are fabulous. In the end it's not about of the moment fashion anyway no matter where you live. I just have to relish the times I do get to be fancy-pants because they are few and far between. 

I hope your Christmas prep is going well. I'm about 98% done my shopping which is a good feeling. Now to find the time to wrap and do some more baking. If I don't manage to get back to the blog before the 25th, have an enjoyable holiday season and a happy new year! 



Sources: Etta Linear Blush Earrings at Chico's; T. Babaton Silk Blouse; Blue Organza Skirt at Chicwish; Essie Polish; Moorea Seal Goat Fur Clutch; Kate Spade Bow Heels; Boufant Hair via Pinterest

Sunday, November 23, 2014

That Basement of Mine

Hello, friends. We ended up having our first "snowed in" day today, so I managed to get a few extras done. It seems I only have time and energy for the basics most other days. Baby is finally starting to sleep better now too, so I'm feeling human again. I had real deal insomnia for a while there which was awful. My sympathy for those who suffer from such sleep troubles on a regular basis. It's NO fun. 

Ok. So here's a a little look at the basement. By "little" I do mean little. Hope to do a full reveal, all styled and spiffed up in the future. 

On a personal note, the hubs and I (along with baby) had a week away to Montreal and Quebec City recently. It was pretty terrific. Such a beautiful part of the country. We honeymooned in Quebec 8 years ago so it was special to be back. 

Oh, and I'm rocking my Movember 'stache these days (baked fresh at Paillard, Quebec). Beat this one, boys.

We're gearing up for Christmas around here; it sure snuck up on me this year! Anyone else??

Catch you later, 


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Basement Plans

Just beyond that plastic is the drywall dust zone, BUT that means we have walls, folks! Our basement development is in full swing and just around the corner of this dusty, messy stage is painting and all the finishing work. In other words, the fun part! 

So, it's high time I showed you some details of what's going down. (I've been pinning stuff like crazy, so you may have caught a look at some of the basement plans there.) 

This laminate in all it's rustic-looking goodness should arrive this week. It's a light colour and pretty beat up looking with a dull finish. I'm counting on never having to clean it! (Shhh.)

We have some black, hex tiles happening in the bathroom. It should turn out something like this in the end. Dark tile with a light grout. (image via decorpad)

A pair of these sculptural, midcentury-inspired sconces for the family room. Eeek! (image via Bijou & Boheme)

This leather sofa from Restoration Hardware (the colour and vintage style is SO good). 

And probably my favourite find so far is this rad, vintage chair that I picked up for a song. It will be covered in a smashing, chartreuse velvet. 

And another idea I'm kind of excited about is doing an oversized mirror on the wall above the sofa and framing it/zhushing it up with some decorative molding etc. Inspired by this. (via Elle Decor)

I'd love to pull together a few mood boards to give more details but haven't the time right now. Our garden did VERY well, and I'm still processing tomatoes and such. There's nothing like garden produce though. Yum. 

I miss regular blogging, but life is too busy right now to fit it in. Until next time...


Sunday, August 24, 2014

My Little Bundle

It's hard to believe we've already had 2 months with Heidi. She's a real treat to have around. Her little smiles and coos are the sweetest things. They fill us all with great delight. There's just a whole lot of cute around our house right now, and we're SO enjoying it. 

Here are a few pics from a photo shoot we had done with the talented Wilna (i heart photos). This was at the 1 month point for Heidi so she's already changed so much. Melt my heart. 

Let me just say that Wilna is THE best. She spent a good two hours with us, working to get the perfect shot. The two older kids love her; she even let them take a few pictures with her fancy pants camera. The reason I'm not in any pictures is because I had barely managed to get myself dressed and my teeth brushed that morning! Yep, 3 is definitely busier! 

I really want to show you some things we've been doing around the house and yard this summer. Hopefully soon. I really wish I had an extra set of hands most days.