Thursday, January 27, 2011

Glass Knobs

So, I have this thing for glass knobs. I think they are so pretty. Any cabinet, armoire, dresser or door graced with such gorgeous goodness looks like it's wearing jewellery - perhaps a big cocktail ring (and I have a modest collection of those). There are also some glass pulls out there which are equally as lovely.

When we were looking at our current home there were glass knobs on the cabinets in both bathrooms. I noticed them right away and thought they were a very nice touch. To my great disappointment, however, the knobs had been replaced with what I imagine were the original knobs - ugly, bulky, ceramic things. 

Thankfully you can now find glass knobs around these parts so we've had a chance to go back to glass. I remember when we were refurbishing a dresser a few years back and I wanted glass knobs but couldn't find them in Saskatoon. Now there are a few nice choices at Home Depot and Lee Valley. There are likely other places that carry them but these are the ones I'm aware of. I'd be interested to hear if you know of any other "local" places to pick them up. 

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