Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fold 'Em Stack 'Em

It's looking like my two-year-old daughter Avery is going to be a top notch organizer. Today I found she had raided my linens drawer in the kitchen and had removed all the dish cloths. I wasn't too excited about that part but when I found what she was doing with them I didn't mind near as much. She was folding, stacking and refolding them first on the couch and then on the armchair. Her folding work is pretty precise for a young two-year-old don't you think?

This got me thinking about how nicely things look when they are folded carefully and uniformly. This is particularly true in a linen closet or any closet for that matter. So, here's a little inspiration for you if you happen to be thinking about doing some sorting and rearranging in your closets these days. For now, I'm leaving the folding in my house to Avery and here's hoping she's ready to tackle some other folding soon too!

Style at Home

Martha Stewart

Source Unknown

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