Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kid's Play Area

We had a productive weekend at our house. Saturday was spent organizing things down in the basement. The space was in desperate need of a clean up and we needed to make room for our new treadmill... yes!

We have designated one corner of the basement as the kid's play area. Obviously they aren't relegated to only play in that one corner, but we wanted to make a special place for them that could be their space.

The area is complete with storage bins, craft table, play kitchen and dress up corner. There are still a few finishing touches that need to be done but I thought I'd share a few photos of how it looks so far (and a few shots of the mess it was before). 

I still want to replace the curtain, paint the toy box and get a few more things up on the walls but for now I'm enjoying the work we've done and am looking forward to putting the final details together. Play, Create and Have Fun! That's what this space is all about.



Avery's Art Work

Needs to be Replaced

Needs to be Painted... Red? Blue? White?


  1. I like white - easy to change later if you change your mind or the scheme! You could also do the legs and the outlining edge panels in the red or blue for contrast. The basement looks great! I'm officially adding it to my tour request next time we're over. :)

  2. Thanks Kendall. I think I'm leaning towards whiite too. Sorry we didn't offer you a tour the last time you were here. Next time!


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