Friday, February 11, 2011

Patricia Larsen (Canadian Artist)

I've been a fan of Canadian artist, Patricia Larsen, for a long time now. I dream of one day hanging some of her work in my house. You can check out her website here and see a few of my favourites below. I'm no art critic but here are a few of my ideas on why I so like her work:

  • Her colour choices
  • The simplicity of her style
  • The medium she often uses - plaster on wood (I think it gives her work such depth)
  • The very "natural" feel her work envokes 
  • Her work is modern but I think timeless

Did I mention that I've even had the chance to meet this talented artist in person? Yes, that's right. She seemed so down to earth and I think that comes through in her art work. 

My favourites (although I find it hard to narrow it down to just a few)...

She also has a line of ceramics that can be viewed on her website.

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