Thursday, March 24, 2011

Benches in the Home

For the past few Fridays I've been posting a top 5 furniture round up. I've done sofa styles, coffee tables and bar stools. This week's round up will be benches, but in preparation for that I thought I'd give you a few of my thoughts on why benches are so fabulous and how they can be used or placed in the home.

A bench is really quite a versatile piece of furniture. It can look great at the end of a bed, in place of a coffee table (some styles), in an entrance or hallway, in front of a fireplace as "extra" seating, as a substitute for a few chairs at a dining table, etc. The options are endless! I've included a few photos to give you a visual as to what I'm talking about and then the top 5 round up will follow tomorrow. I hope you enjoy and get some fresh ideas for your home. I know I'm now officially on the lookout for a lovely bench for our nest. 

Bench at the Foot of the Bed: this looks nice and provides a good spot for dropping off extra pillows and blankets when it's time to sleep. You do need a larger space to pull this off though. (The lucite legs on this particular bench are quite stunning.)

House Beautiful

Bench in front of Fireplace: the space in front of the fireplace is no longer wasted space with a bench placed there. The bench provides extra seating or a place for those who are always cold to warm up by the fire! 

Elle Decor

Bench Used as a Coffee Table: this only works with certain styles of benches, but in the example below, the long rustic bench is the perfect pick for this space. It gives the room a casual feel, and because the bench is so long, it can be used by people at both ends of the room!

Via DecorPad

Bench used in place of dining chairs (two examples): notice there are dining chairs on the far side of the table but a bench on the near side. This gives a nice unexpected element and is perfect for when you need to squeeze in a few extra people at the table.

Via DecorPad
Sarah Richardson

In an Entrance or Hallway: this provides a place for people to sit while lacing up their runners or pulling on their boots. Because a bench is generally quite narrow, it doesn't hinder the flow of traffic through the area.

Style at Home

Bench to Define a Space: here a bench provides extra seating and defines the living room area. Placing another sofa or two arm chairs there would have been too much. The bench is "light" and doesn't obstruct your view of the room but it fills the empty space; it's the perfect solution!

Nest Instinct via DecorPad

Like I mentioned, this was all in preparation for the top 5 round up that I hope you'll come back for tomorrow. I have 5 lovely finds to share!


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