Monday, March 14, 2011

Designer Hillary Thomas

Here's a little inspiration for you from designer Hillary Thomas. While I'm not really familiar with her or her work, I do get the sense that one thing she is not is colour shy. She creates bright, bold and beautiful interiors. I'd almost say she's gutsy when it comes to colour. 

Check out this first combination: turquoise sofa, bright pink curtains, green walls, amber accents... something I would probably never venture to do but she pulls it off quite beautifully, don't you think?

You can visit her site here if you'd like to learn more about her and see more of her work. 

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  1. That first pic (along with the others, but the first one is my fav) is beautiful! I love all the bright colours used together. I did some pink & turquoise paring in my office. I quite like it.


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