Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guest Meal Plan (March 22-28)

This week's meal plan comes from my sister-in-law, Andrea, who is fabulous at a lot of things. Her prowess in the kitchen would rank right up there with Martha herself and she also happens to play about 3 dozen instruments. (That's one thing my husband has in common with his sister. We have quite a collection of instruments including a pump organ and accordion.) 

Anyway, thanks to Andrea for sending me her meal plan for the week and if anyone else out there wants to share their menu for any given week I would love to hear from you. (It would be fun to have some variety instead of just seeing my plan each week.) Happy Cooking! 

Tuesday: Taco Salad

Wednesday: Mushroom Chicken & Rice, Peas, Corn

Thursday: Red Pepper & Quinoa Soup, Homemade Buns

Friday: Grilled Pork Chops, Sauteed Onions, Dill- Seasoned Potatoes, Spinach Salad

Saturday: Beef Stew, Caesar Salad

Sunday: Corn Chowder, Homemade Buns, Tossed Salad

Monday: Homemade Pasta & Cheese, Caesar Salad

Friday's meal sounds particularly delicious. We may just have to pop over say around 6 pm that evening! (he he)

- Sarah

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