Monday, March 28, 2011

Humphrey Ottoman Options

So, things are in the works with my DIY project based on the Humphrey Ottoman by Shine Furniture. I've decided on the size and my brother (who is going to be constructing it) has drawn up some plans on how he'll cut the pieces and put them together. We've agreed that it would be best for him to cut all of the sides which I'll then cover, and he'll put the covered pieces together. 

I was originally going to go with a white leather-looking vinyl to cover the ottomans, but now I'm having second thoughts. I've stumbled across a few colours and patterns that are really quite pretty. I'm curious to know what you think. Which of the following do you prefer?

#1 The original inspiration in white:

image via Peridot Decorative Homeware

Here are a few others I've seen recently. What do you think?

#2 A dark colour and perhaps a slightly textured fabric:

image via Shine Furniture

#3 A bright colour (like these turquoise ones at the end of the bed):

Room Design by Tobi Fairley

#4 A patterned fabric:

image via CUNEO & CO

So, I need your help. Leave me a comment to let me know which option you prefer. 

Again, here are the options to choose from:

1. White
2. Dark Colour (perhaps grey)
3. Bright Colour (like the turquoise)
4. Patterned Fabric

And of course if you have any other thoughts or suggestions I would love to hear them!



  1. Are you just doing the one? And if so - which room will it be in?

    In your house, I like the idea of a colour pop - just 'cause you've already done that in your living/dining room in the turquoise. That lime-green in your pillows would be fun, too - for your bedroom OR your living room (it's in the pillows on your couch too, right? I think...)

    But it would be so much fun in an entryway (nice for getting shoes on!) or a kid's room, too. If it was an entryway, you'd probably want to make sure it was some kind of water-resistant material, though.

    Either way - can't WAIT to see the finished project! :)

  2. Wow, that's a tough call. I kind of like the idea of white vinyl if it's going to be anywhere that the kids might be getting their hands on it:) I also love a pop of colour. I am so psyched to see this when it's done...gorgeous!

  3. I love the 4th one, but I also love the turquoise pop of color. Those two are my favorites. You definitely inspire me to try some DIY projects. I also love interior decoration and briefly considered going to school for it when I was in high school, but I didn't think I was creative enough. I love coming here for inspiration. It really makes me want to delve into that interest again. :)

  4. Thanks for the feedback! I had originally thought we would make two but now we've decided to do one, see how it looks and then go from there. I was thinking that if I made two I would use them in place of our current coffee table for now and then put them at the foot of our bed in the future (once we have a larger bedroom). :) Decisions! Decisions!

  5. Allison, I'm glad my blog inspires you. That's what it's all about! I hope you will "delve back in" to design/decorating. I used to be scared of not being creative enough too and I definitely have my days where the creative juices are NOT flowing. I've been finding that if I just start and try something that ideas keep coming. Creativity seems to breed more creativity!

  6. ooooo...i like 3 and 4. lately i have been liking more neutral colors with pops of color. but 4 is really nice too.


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