Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Out and About

I ran into Old Navy the other day to pick up some rubber boots for Avery and myself. They were already quite picked over when I went so I simply had to go with what they had. Avery definitely came away with the cutest pair. Mine are... green and rubber. Their only redeeming quality is the sweet little buckle on the side of the boot. Anyway, we ventured outdoors earlier today and put our rubbers to the test. It was great to be outdoors!

My two favourite little people. (Luke isn't walking yet so he doesn't need rubber boots. He was content hanging out in the stroller.)

Love these kiddos! I'm so blessed and thankful to be their mommy.



  1. Great boots! I need to get some too. And adorable pic of the kiddos - love those little sweeties!

  2. Thanks, Andy. I think it's kind of funny that rubber boots are actually kind of "in style" right now. Who would have thought!? Thanks again for the meal plan this week. Hugs to you all!

  3. Those little boots are A-dorable!
    Found you through BYW. I absolutely loved this class and I plan to do the BYW 2.0.


  4. Thanks Ivy! I loved the class too. There's a 2.0 BYW? That's news to me but I'll have to look into it and consider it. Thanks for stopping by!


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