Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bright, Bold & Blue

This is my coffee table. I know it's a rather unconventional colour, but it actually works quite well in our living room. My husband was kind enough to sand and paint it for me just before we moved into our townhouse. (I was doing my best to recover after giving birth to Luke, while packing box after box after box in preparation for our move.) 

We purchased the table second hand. It was worn with water marks and scuffs. We chose it because we wanted something with rounded edges for kid-friendly purposes. We also wanted something that wouldn't be too fancy - something that could get used. We'll go for a more stylish, high-end option once the kids aren't chewing, drooling and climbing on everything. This is a solid table that currently serves us well, and we aren't afraid to put our feet up on it. Family-friendly! 

Do you have any painted furniture around your home? Any in bright & bold colours?



  1. I LOVE that table. :)And I especially love how you've matched your island in the blue. So brave - and such a great pay-off!
    Nothing too bright in my house - other than a splash of cranberry in my oh-so-cozy-neutral living room. But I keep my eye out for more "stuff" - as the budget allows, that is. :)

  2. Love the color! We have a credenza in a very similar color - bright and cheerful!

    Morgan @

  3. Love it! I painted my daughter's end table in a similar juicy blue!


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