Monday, April 4, 2011

Kelly + Olive E-Book

I just came across a great opportunity that anyone can get in on. It's an opportunity to help others through the purchase of an e-book. The book has been compiled by the gals at Kelly + Olive and 100% of the sale proceeds go to Dwell with Dignity

Here's a little info about Kelly + Olive and DWD, and you can always learn more by visiting their sites.

Kelly + Olive: A design duo that offers online design services as well as in home consultations. They seek to offer a "fresh, personal approach to interior design."

Dwell with Dignity: A non-profit organization made up of interior designers and volunteers who seek to "bring good design to those less fortunate, inspiring them to maintain a standard of living they can be proud of and thrive in." They believe that if they can change a person's surroundings, they can hopefully change their outlook on life.

The e-book by Kelly + Olive contains 17 fun projects from top home, craft and lifestyle bloggers that will be sure to inspire you. If you'd like to purchase the e-book and make a donation to Dwell with Dignity you can do so here.


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