Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meal Plan (April 12-14)

Here's what I'll be cooking in the next few days...

Tuesday: French Onion Soup & Sandwiches

Wednesday: Beef Stew & Bread

Thursday: Coconut Curry Lime Chicken & Rice

That sums up the plan for this week. It's only three days long because we're leaving for Ontario on Friday. We'll be spending a few days in Toronto over the weekend and then heading about 3 hours northwest to the Bruce Peninsula where my husband's grandparents live. We're looking forward to our time away, and most of all, our time with our family out east!

Since I'll be away next week, I won't be blogging as much. I do hope to check in at least once or twice though. Perhaps I'll have some "big city" adventure to share!



  1. Mmm - I'll have to get your recipe for French onion soup. I love it, but have never tried making it.
    Have a great trip! Love to you all and the eastern fam!!

  2. First, yummm on the coconut curry chicken. You're making my mouth water. I'm so excited for your trip. I'm from Toronto and love hearing of adventures there. Keep me posted and take lots of photos for me. Have a great trip.


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