Friday, April 8, 2011

My Top 5 Stools

Here are my top 5 stools right now. I was originally going to include a few ottomans as well, but we'll save those for next week. 

#1 Marsailles Stool by Shine

#2 Eames' Walnut Stools (two variations)

#3 Zig Zag Garden Stool by White Modern Decor (via Tonic Home)

#4 Jonathan Stool by Oly Studio (via Tonic Home)

#5 Faux Croc Stool by Two's Company (via Tonic Home) 

I think the first stool (Marsailles) is particularly eye-catching. It's a porcelain "garden" stool so it can be used outdoors (in a well protected area hopefully). 

Don't those Eames' stools look like chess pieces? Beautifully designed and crafted but fun and a little quirky at the same time.

Thanks for stopping by. Have an enjoyable weekend! 



  1. Yes, I love them all. I'll take every single one. They are so functional as well. Table, stool, footstand. They're awesome

  2. I've coveted the Eames stools for ages. Love this feature on your blog!

  3. I too love and want the Eames stools, but ugh! they are way out of my budget! Did you know that nood furniture has it's own version? Surely they are not as beautiful or as well crafted, but they are solid walnut and a fraction of the real thing.


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