Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Clean It!

I've neglected to do a spring cleaning post for a few days now, and the month of April is nearly over! So for today I thought I'd put one together with a whole host of ideas and tips for keeping house. There isn't really any theme to the various ideas, but I've tried to make them quick and easy to read through. Here we go...

Pre-Sort Laundry with a compartment laundry cart. This definitely cuts down on laundry time since all the sorting is done in advance. On laundry day you simply have to wheel the cart into the laundry room and throw the clothes into the machine. 

Do all your ironing at once (if possible). This ultimately saves you time and stress when you're rushing to get ready one morning, and the shirt you want to wear is ready and waiting for you. (Ironing is one of my least favourite things to do, so I'm still working on this one.)

 Set aside time once or twice a day to check your e-mails, and don't open an e-mail unless you have time to read it and respond. This saves time and increases efficiency. 

Install low hooks, shelves and bins for your kids. Putting things at their level means they can put their own things away; you don't have to do it all! Opting for hooks instead of hangers makes it easier for kids to hang their own coats up.

Designate one spot for keeping mail and other paper. Try to deal with things ASAP to avoid having piles to go through later. 

Stop getting paper flyers and sign up for e-flyers and coupons instead. Only sign up for the discounts from the stores you frequent.

Any other good tips come to mind? Do share (leave a comment).

Also, a reminder that we'll be drawing a winner for the "Home Keeper" book this coming Monday (May 2nd). If you'd still like to get in on the draw, "like" the Prairie Perch facebook page, and I'll add your name. Thanks to all those who have already entered.


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