Thursday, May 19, 2011

My "finds" from our Victoria Trip

Here are a few pretty things I picked up when we were in Victoria last week. (You're probably sick of hearing about our trip by now. Allow me to share these pretty finds with you, and then I'll stop rubbing my holiday in your face!)

I came across this great little store called, The Papery, and scored big time. Several of the things I picked up were gifts, but here are a few things I kept for mwah!

If you've been to Victoria you know there are several antiques dealers in the downtown area (and probably elsewhere). I found these lovely teacups at one of the shops. Circa 1830! Rather scared to actually use them, but I'll admire them.

Book, books & more books. These were mostly for my man and the kids. 

And some porcelain spoons from Chinatown. I see an appetizer party in my near future. I'd love to invite you all!

O.k. I have to include these too because they are so adorable. A teensy pair of sandals for Mr. Luke. Chubby baby feet. Love! (Unfortunately, the sandals were a little on the small side, so we passed them onto one of Luke's little friends.)

I also picked up a paper lantern from Chinatown. I'd like to try my hand at dying/painting another lantern. I'm thinking of going with a pink/orange colour scheme. What are your thoughts?

Lovely trip. Lovely finds. Blessed.



  1. I love Victoria! I was just there a few weeks back for my daughter's soccer tournament! We have a fantastic China town here in Vancouver. I love the cheap and stylish finds!

  2. Oh I love the paper rolls!! Is it wallpaper? Having a little chap myself those sandels are soo cute!! P.S thanks for comment on blog.

  3. The Papery sounds delightful! I'll have to make a stop there the next time we go. At first, I thought the paper rolls were bolts of fabric which would have been great too. Although I have a "thing" for paper. :) Thanks for sharing your great finds!

  4. What awesome scores Sarah. I'm up for a party at your place anytime!!


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