Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Recent Getaway to Victoria, BC

Here is the promised recap of our trip to Victoria. It's such a beautiful place. The weather was a little on the cool side, but we were still able to get outdoors every day. Because of the colder temperatures spring was a little behind, but it was still green and lush with blooms everywhere!

Here's a look at our little getaway.

You know you're in a good place to holiday when this is their motto.

A few shots of the pretty blossoms you see everywhere!

I considered making a "snow angel" in these pretty pink petals, but then thought better of it. My white sweater wouldn't have done very well. 

Friends we met up with for a few days. 

 A few of the places we visited. 

The Museum

Fisherman's Warf

Craigdarroch Castle

Me at Beacon Hill Park

You see totem poles everywhere, but this one cracked me up. It looks like he wants a big smooch along with a bear hug. (He probably hasn't had one in a very long time.)

While I was finding happiness here...

James was finding happiness here...

Munro's Bookstore

Scooters for a day... fun!

High Tea one afternoon. Yes, we ate all of that. (Good thing we walked everywhere.)

I could go on but this is getting long, and most of the highlights are captured here. I will share some of the pretty things I came home with another time. We didn't do a lot of shopping, but I still somehow managed to fill the suitcase to overflowing. We ended up having an extra carry-on for the way home. 

I'm thankful that James and I had the opportunity to spend time together on a real holiday. And I'm REALLY thankful for his parents and mine who made that possible by watching Avery and Luke for an entire week! Best grandparents EVER! 



  1. It looks like you had a great get-away! Awesome that you rented scooters... way too much fun!

  2. Victoria is so beautiful. It's about time we headed out there for a vacation. Whitehorse/Alaska is our summer destination this year!

  3. i would love to visit vancouver. now that we live so close i must make time for a trip sometime soon. it looks beautiful!

  4. You know, I've been in Vancouver for almost 2 years and have made it to the island but not yet to Victoria. Looks beautiful and I'm glad you were able to get away with your husband.


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