Thursday, June 16, 2011

Collage Options... Please Help!

I'm in the process of decorating our 1/2 bath. It's pretty much been neglected up until now. We gave it a fresh coat of paint when we moved in a year ago but haven't done much else since. The walls are a light grey colour and the vanity/sink is white. The space could really use some colour and a few pretty touches. 

There is one rather large blank wall where I'd like to hang a collage of colourful framed prints and papers. I need help deciding on the layout of the collage though. Would you mind letting me know which layout is your favourite? I would appreciate the input. Once the layout is determined, I'll decide exactly what's going to go in each frame.






Thanks for the help! 



  1. I think #1 is the most interesting. I also like #3 because I'm such a sucker for symmetry.

  2. Because asymmetry makes me uncomfortable, I vote for number 3 :)

  3. Thanks for the help! Hopefully I can get to hanging the frames sometime this weekend.


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