Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Grocery Store Adventure

Yesterday we made our regular Tuesday morning run to the grocery store. We're in potty training mode around here these days, so "potty treats" were on the shopping list. Avery seems to like M&Ms so we were on a mission to find some for her. I decided to buy them in bulk thinking it would be cheaper. The bulk section at our grocery store has these kind of dispenser bins where you position a plastic bag under the bin's "spout", pull down on a lever, and out pour the contents. I don't often buy candy in bulk. I'm used to the way almonds or raisins pour out of the dispensers, not candies. Anyway, I opened up my plastic bag and positioned it under the M&Ms dispenser. I was NOT ready for the speed at which those little chocolate treats poured out at me! One giant bag and $20 later, I came home with enough potty treats for an entire troop of toddlers. 

I realize this has nothing to do with interior design, but it was a funny experience, and I'll certainly be more cautious next time.

And just because this is so sweet, here are my two darlings. They were watching the grounds keeper mow the lawn yesterday afternoon. Avery finds the lawnmower quite loud; it seems to bother her ears a little. She said she was taking care of her brother so he wouldn't be scared. (How thoughtful.)

Enjoy your day! I'll be enjoying mine as I get to spend it with these two precious little ones.


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  1. Too funny about the M&Ms... that's happened to me on one occasion as well.
    (okay - maybe more than one... ;-D)
    It certainly is a cute picture of your babies - Avery has such a sweet spirit!


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