Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hello, friends! As you may have noticed, blogging has fallen by the wayside for me the last few days. James has had this week off so we've been in holiday mode around here. On Tuesday evening we drove into Saskatoon for supper and the jazz festival. We saw Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, one of the greatest bands out there. They are amazing musicians; some of the best. I also had my first taste of "real" sushi. By "real" I mean there was a big, cold, wet piece of raw fish involved! It was... o.k. Are any of you sushi connoisseurs?

Wednesday we were back in Prince Albert and spent the afternoon cooking and cleaning like mad in preparation for a dinner party with several of James' friends from work. July 1st marks the switch over for the family med residents here in PA. The 2nd years are moving on to their careers in various places, and the first years (James' group) are beginning their 2nd year of residency and their last year of training... ever! We will finally be done this med school thing! Yay! 

Today, we've been prepping for Luke's first birthday party which we're hosting here tomorrow (yes, that's about 1 month overdue). We've been shopping, decorating, baking, etc. James' week off has flown by, and it turned out that it hasn't been too much of a holiday. He's been helping so much with the kids, doing things around the house, and helping me host these dinner parties! I love him.

Tomorrow we're celebrating Luke, but it's also Canada Day. Happy Birthday, dear Canada! In honour of my native land, I thought I would share one of my favourite kid's room designed by Samantha Pynn. Samantha is one of my favourite Canadian designers and I thought the red and white was very appropriate for this holiday weekend.

I guess the colours also work well for my American friends. Red, white and blue. Happy Independence Day (on Monday) to all of you south of the border!

I'm off to ice some sailboat sugar cookies now. (I'll share some photos of the party decor and such on Monday. We've gone with a sailing theme... more red, white and blue to come!)


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