Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Colour Coral

I've been thinking about coral lately. It's a colour for the indecisive in many ways - one of those "in-between" colours. I think I would describe it as pinkish-orange (how's that for ambiguous?). It comes in a wide variety of shades and hues. 

True Coral 

Pink Coral

Red Coral 

I was thinking we might implement some coral in my mom's office redo. It could potentially work quite well with the Sweet William fabric we've chosen (from Tonic Living).

Some lovely inspiration...

Style at Home

Via Apartment Therapy

Ashley Whitaker

Via Decorpad

Masucco Warner Miller

Masucco Warner Miller

Masucco Warner Miller

Masucco Warner Miller

Masucco Warner Miller
Via the lennoxx

As you will have noticed, coral can be paired with a variety of colours. Blue, green, brown, beige, etc. They all work beautifully! 

Hopefully we'll get to start some real work on that office soon. It's just a little tricky when we live in different cities and when there's a backyard pool calling to us anytime we're at my parent's place. How will we ever get this project done?




  1. Apparently I'm very fickle when it comes to colour! I used to hate coral, and now I love it, especially with turquoise... what is wrong with me!? How did that happen. lol

  2. I want that coral tufted headboard!


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