Monday, July 25, 2011

DIY Ottoman... Progress!

Hello, friends! I hope you had a nice weekend.

Do you remember that ottoman I showed you awhile back? The one I was hoping to recreate as a DIY project. Well, I've finally made some good progress on it, and I'd say it's over half done! (I was going to wait until it was all finished to show you but I just couldn't.) Again, the inspiration ottoman is by Shine by SHO Furniture. It's their Humphrey Ottoman.

And here's a sneak peak at where things are at with my attempt at recreating this beauty!

All the sides are covered so we're really getting there! I've had lots of help along the way from my brother and a friend. My brother will be the one putting all of the sides together, and then all that remains to be finished is the nail head detail (and I think that will be the funnest part of the project)!

Stay tuned! I hope to have it finished in the next few days. Yay! 


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  1. Wow Sarah... this is quite the project!! Looking forward to seeing the final results!!


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