Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kid's Play Area: Crafting Jars

This past weekend I had some time to myself which was very nice. (Three cheers for grandparents!) I took the opportunity to run errands like crazy. In my mad dashing around town, I squeezed in a little thrifting stop and came away with some cork topped jars for the kid's play area. I liked them because they weren't your typical jars, the cork tops come off very easily, and the jars have a very wide mouth so it's easy to reach in for things. At $3 each, I thought they would be perfect atop the wall shelf in the play area.

What do you think? I imagine they were once used as kitchen canisters, but they work just as well in a play room as craft supply sorters! Thrifting success.



  1. I quite like the fun shape of the jars Sarah... good use for them!

  2. Love Love Love the octagon and diamond pattern! Are those hexagons too? What a deal you got :)


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