Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tackling the Stairwell

It's hard to believe we've lived in PA for a year now. The time has gone by so quickly. In less than a year we'll be moving again. Now that James is in his 2nd year of residency, he has to work in a few rural sites throughout this next year. We'll be moving around a fair bit with him. In fact, we'll really only be living in our home for 6 more months before we sell and find something else! This reality hit me a few months ago; I'm starting to feel the crunch to get things finished around our place in preparation for listing/selling. I'm also losing some motivation since I know we won't be here much longer to enjoy it. Oh well. That means we'll be moving onto something else, and moving onto something else means there will be a whole new list of projects to tackle!

One of the areas of our current home I'd like to do something with before we sell is the stairwell going upstairs. We did switch out the light fixture when we moved in, but we haven't done anything else with the space since. It's just a big, boring space. Massive blank walls that need something... 

That sad looking hibiscus tree is no longer there. We were tree-sitting for some friends. They brought the tree over in the dead of winter and the poor tree lost ALL of its leaves after being exposed to such horrendously cold temperatures for just a few minutes. Thankfully it survived and now it's back with its real parents. 

I thought the first thing I'd add to the blank stairwell canvass was drapes. I found some pretty fabric at my local fabric store for $7.00/m this past weekend and started sewing. I'm an amateur seamstress so don't get your hopes too high. I'm also trying something new - a pinch pleat curtain using a header tape. So far so good. Here's a sneak peak...

I hope to get back to the fabric store today to see if they have the ring hooks I'm looking for (fingers crossed). Then I need a curtain rod and we're away! I'm hoping for a glich free project, but that would be a first. 

I'll share some of my other ideas for the stairwell soon. I've got a few brewing. Do you have any suggestions? Nothing is set in stone, although I won't be changing the fabric at this point. After all, I did purchase over 18 feet of it!  



  1. Sarah, you are so talented, your pinch pleats look amazing. Gorgeous drapes! I can actually sew a bit, but I never seem to break the sewing machine out. One day...

  2. Oh - so many pretty colours to pull from in that fabric! Are you going to paint, or just accessorize? Maybe a small arm-chair with that same fabric in a pillow??? It's a fairly large space, right? Can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

  3. I LOVE that fabric. That'll brighten the whole area up. That large wall looks like it's screaming out for either a gallery wall or a big canvas. Maybe an oversized canvas could be your next diy project:)


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