Monday, August 8, 2011

Elegant Condo Design by Ingrid Fretheim

Check out this condo designed by Ingrid Fretheim and featured in Colorado Homes and Lifestyles. It definitely has a traditional feel with a whole lot of glitz and glam. Some rooms had a little too much frou frou for me, but these parts of the condo were perfect in my mind. I like the fairly neutral palette with splashes of bold colour, and there's a whole lot of gold going on.

If you're into purple, this dining room is for you!

So, what do you think? My favourite room is the sun room (fifth image). 

You can read the full interview with designer Ingrid Fretheim here, but here are her five tips on adding grace to your space. (Excerpt taken from Colorado Homes and Lifestyles Magazine.)

European Elegance: Five Ways to Add Grace To Your Space

MIRRORS  These easy-to-find jewels add depth and light to a room. If you don’t have wall space, consider a piece of mirrored furniture.
ANIMAL PRINTS  A very European touch, using leopard, zebra or tiger prints—great as floor coverings—can provide a sense of connection to the natural world. Smaller elements like animal-print pillows or an ottoman can keep the look subtle.
GREEK MOTIFS  The Greeks knew beauty, and traditional designs, such as the Greek key pattern, add “wow” to draperies or chair coverings.
A TOUCH OF GOLD  Overdo the gilt and you’ve gone gaudy, but add just a little gold leaf on a piece of furniture or some molding, and elegance reigns.
SYMMETRY  European design has always relied heavily on symmetry (two table lamps, two busts, two sconces) as of way of composing space and bringing order. Overdone symmetry, however, can evoke the coldness of military precision. The goal is to appease the eye and create calm instead of chaos.

Have a great Monday. I hope it's a good start to your week. I feel exhausted right now and we just got off the weekend! I guess we had a lot going on this weekend; it wasn't very restful. Summer is the time to travel here and there, attend lots of weddings, work on this project and that... it's just a busy, busy time! Can anyone relate?



  1. I kind of love that outdoor space. Just stunning!

  2. OMG I'm dying over here Sarah, what a lovely space. And like Tina said, that outdoor area, the black & white stripes, AH-mazing.

    Nancy xo

  3. The gold mirror and frame are fabulous! Definitely a statement! xoxo

  4. Same here. I love your fifth photo of living room. That is what we called "simply elegant" . The shade of colors are fantastic. The furniture, everything. So cool.

  5. Those are such elegant rooms! Beautiful, peaceful colors. So nice to live in a condo with a design like this. :)

    condo Philippines

  6. All lovely - so lush and elegant! :)

    Lisa D


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