Monday, August 29, 2011

Feathers Everywhere

Happy Monday! The last week of August... already?! Wowzers. I've really enjoyed the summer though; it's been very beautiful in our part of the world. Many trips to the park, lots of swimming, travelling here and there... we've enjoyed all the summer goodness. I hope you have too!

For today, I thought I'd share one trend I've noticed popping up in all sorts of places. That trend is the use of feathers. Here's a space designed by Samantha Pynn that puts an extra large feather photograph front and centre.

I've managed to round up a few "feather furnishings" for the home. As you can see, there's everything from pendants to pillows to platters. 

And a few fashionable feathers...

Feathers bring a natural, earthy feel to a home, but also have a whimsical, dreamy, and perhaps slightly feminine feel to them. 

Yes, feathers are everywhere!


Links: Pendant, Paperweight, Platters and Pillow from Jayson Home and Garden; Feather Watercolour by Amber Alexander on Etsy; Purple Cameroon JuJu Hat via pinterest; Feather bangle from Fossil; Feather Necklace via Etsy; All other fashion feather images via pinterest


  1. I love the big print in the first photo. Lovely.

  2. I've being seeing feathers everywhere! Not sure what I thought of them but after seeing the big print in the first photo, I LOVE THEM! I love the color and how it seems to bring the room together. Thanks for the great post!!

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