Friday, August 26, 2011

My Top 5 Beds

O.k. so I've done it again. There are way more than 5 beds in this week's round up. Sheesh! I promise that they're all fabulous though, and therefore should be included.

You'll forgive me, won't you? Thanks. You're darling. 

O.k. so here they are...

#1 Upholstered Beds and Headboards (These are all the rage right now.)

#2 French-Inspired, Girly Glam Beds

#3 Pretty & Whimsical Iron Beds

#4 Mirrored Beds

#5 Simple & Elegant Beds

Whew! I told you there more than 5 (he he). Hope you enjoyed them, and now, get out there and enjoy your weekend. I guess it's the last weekend of the summer in some ways. (Boo Hoo)


Sources & Links: Ingrid Bed by Oly Studio; Room Design by the Cross Decor and Design; Velvet Tufted Headboard at Urban Outfitters; Room Design by Summer Thornton; Woodhouse Bed by Jonathan Adler; Charleston Silver Leaf Bed by Graham and Green; French Chateau Bed by Graham and Green; Lugano Bed by Graham and Green; Margaret Bed by Oly Studio; Forest Canopy Bed at Anthropologie; Both White Iron Beds at Laura Ashley; Mirrored Canopy Bed by Paul Evans; Prism Mirrored Bed by Nancy Corzine; Graceful Bed by Barbara Barry; Steppe Bed at Crate and Barrell


  1. Great choices! You know my fav are the French-inspired options!

  2. No wonder you had a hard time choosing only 5 - these are all beautiful! I especially like the mirrored ones.

  3. I love the French inspired beds and tufted beds. My fav is the photos from The Cross:)

  4. Lovely beds! Third photo is perfect for my new bedroom at my makati condominiums. Thanks for sharing these! :)


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