Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Octopus in Design

It's not unusual to see art, furnishings, and home accessories inspired by nature and especially the animal kingdom. For example, dogs and horses are very commonly used. Lately, I've noticed the octopus showing up here and there. 

The Lord Bodner Octopus is quite popular in the design world. The image is produced by Natural Curiosities and comes in blue, brown or grey. The image can be mounted in one frame or in a trio of frames (like in the images below). The original was apparently a copperplate engraving by Lord Bodner and published in 1826.

 The Cross Design & Decor

Armonia Decors

Here is another octopus print from Natural Curiosities called, Octavio Octopus.

You can find similar looking prints on Etsy for a fraction of the cost.

 Etsy Shop: Vintage Dictionary Art

Here's a vintage print I came across. It was available at One King's Lane.

image via parlour home blog

Octopus Pillows (also available on Etsy).

 Esty Shop: RVa Pillow Works

And an Octopus Figurine from Made Goods. He actually has a name... Paul the Octopus. I like Paul.

On a slightly different, but still somewhat related note, what is the plural of octopus? I had thought "octopi" but apparently that is objectionable. According to Wikipedia, there are three plural forms of octopus: octopuses, octopi, and octopodes.  

Ha! You learn something new everyday!



  1. A little bizarre but fun too. And hey, you learn something new everyday!

  2. I love the trio in the first photo. Nice to see such a beautiful room done by The Cross.


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