Monday, August 1, 2011

Rue Issue No. 6: The Arabian Days Shoot

Hello there! I hope you've been enjoying your long weekend (if you're fortunate enough to be having one). 

Last night I had the opportunity to flip through the recent Rue Mag. The Rue gals have put together another fabulous issue. I particularly liked the Arabian Days photo shoot. 

The colours and textures are amazing, and the overall vibe is relaxed but still elegant.The table setting, the flowers, the gold touches... love it all! (And Mr. Camel is pretty adorable too.) 

So pretty, right? Wouldn't you love to spend a summer's day here? I certainly would.

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  1. Gorgeous! This reminds me of a book we read for our book club (the camel at least), Cool Water by Dianne Warren. It's set in the sand hills of Saskatchewan and there is actually a camel. You should give it a read...

  2. I love how it's mostly neutrals with shots of colour thrown in from the flowers. Beautiful!


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