Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Venetian Mirrors

Venetian Mirrors are oh-so-lovely. Case in point...

I've been in love with these beauties ever since I became aware of them. They are simply stunning and timeless. They fit very well in traditional type decor, but can also be used in modern, glam, and even country-inspired spaces. It seems to me that a piece this fabulous can hold it's own wherever you decide to place it. That being said, I have noticed a recent trend to use venetian mirrors in bathrooms as well as dressing rooms/closets. I for one love the idea of waking up, stumbling into the bathroom, and being greeted by this...

If the reflection isn't all that beautiful (especially first thing in the morning), at least the mirror is!

Beautiful Mirrors in the bathroom...

At a dressing table...

And how about this black beauty of a closet?! 

So pretty, right?


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  1. Gorgeous pics! The ninth one down is my absolute fav!!

  2. Planning on buying a venetian mirror for our bathroom too, so this post was very inspiring :)


  3. Hi there,
    Do you know where you found the photo of the mirrored vanity? I am looking for exactly this and wondered if I could find the seller (hopefully in Toronto).

    1. Hi Jennifer! Did you mean the mirrored dressing table with the white/chrome stool at it? (11th image from top) This one came from a store in the UK. It's very likely you could find something like it in Toronto. Unfortunately, I live in SK and I'm not very familiar with sources in your area. Christine at Bijou and Boheme may be able to help you. She's a Toronto blogger with an eye for all things glamorous. http://bijouandboheme.blogspot.ca/


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