Friday, September 9, 2011

Been Lovin' Lately with... me!

I hope you've been enjoying the guest posts this week. It was so kind of my blogger friends to cover for me while I was on vacation. The series was a lot of fun and I wanted to get in on it! So, I've put together a few things I've been lovin' lately as well. 

Have a look...

Sources & Links:
1. Hand Crafted Shell Mirror by Graham and Green
3. Axel Dice by Made Goods
4. Gesslin Boot at ALDO shoes
5. Art Decor bar cart (similar options at 1st dibs)
6. Paul Marrot Poppies Fabric at Natural Curiosities
7. Carmine Blazer at Anthropologie

It's funny. I put this together before getting anything from my blogger friends, and we ended up having a few things similar between us. I guess that's why I enjoy reading these girl's blogs so much - we tend to like the same sorts of things!

Anyway, we'll be wrapping up our holiday tomorrow and heading home. Looking forward to sharing some photos of our trip! Catch you later!



  1. Sarah... your blog is making me want to go boot shopping! I saw an awesome pair of wedges at Aldo in a similar color that I can't stop thinking about!

  2. OK, I definitely need a pair of brown boots! Love those. The bar cart and the DVF tray are perfect too!

  3. Ya... those boots ARE pretty terrific, but it's that gorgeous fabric that's grabbed me! Fabulous!!

    Do happy to hear that you'll be joining us at "Blend"!!! We're going to have so much fun!!


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