Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Been Lovin' Lately with Tina Barriscale

To continue on with our "Been Lovin' Lately" series, here's Tina Barriscale of Half of What I Say is Meaningless. Tina has really great taste and is in the process of furnishing/decorating her family home with all the high-end, designer pieces she loves. I admire Tina for her patience and determination in finding "just the right piece". If that means doing without dining room furniture for a year, then so be it. Tina is willing to wait. Hmmm. I can learn something from this girl. 

Without further ado, here's Tina with the things she's been lovin' lately. 

When Sarah asked me to participate in her guest blog series I was thrilled. She has fabulous taste, is wonderfully talented (have you checked out her DIYs?), and I actually know her in real life. It is so inspiring to live within driving distance of someone who shares similar interests, and perspectives. I so hope we have the opportunity to meet up on a frequent basis. She posed the sometimes confounding question, “What have you been loving, lately?” 

I love a multitude of things, but when I’m put on the spot, I find it difficult to actually commit. I get bogged down trying to determine if said item is actually “list worthy”. But I have assembled a grouping of seven items that are in my opinion drool worthy, and would work beautifully in my home.  

First is this amazing white pendant light, the Can Can, a brand new release by Flos (if you’ve read my blog you know my obsession with Flos lighting) and designed by Marcel Wanders. The clear scrolls I can imagine leave a brilliant shadow, and if you’re brave enough you can even choose them in hot pink. 

I cannot get enough of the Horse Head Bookends by Spisani. I love lucite as if it were my fourth child, and the addition of the bold tortoise horses is beyond amazing. Check out the others available, as there are a multitude of different animals available and they are all divine. 

Jonathan Adler, every time you release a new piece of furniture I want to order it immediately. Case in point the Ulu Concave Table in polished brass. Yes please. I have no idea where I would put it, but I know that I indeed love it. 

Obviously I’m having a fixation on everything gold and brass, as evidenced by this grouping of items. These brass pot stands by the Japanese company Futagami have been on my wish list for a very long time. Perhaps it is because I only own two trivets presently. One, the last remaining of a pack of three cork trivets from Ikea that I believe cost five dollars when I purchased them at least fifteen years ago. The other a lovely specimen from the 1970’s that we unearthed from a drawer in our old house (left by the previous owners). Obviously, I desperately need these gorgeous brass trivets. 

I actually own a Cire Trudon candle, and I’m crazy for it. I’ve burnt it halfway down and now I refuse to light it, so it won’t run out. The scent is Carmelite which in all honestly smells like an old, damp, mossy church. Weird, but entirely fabulous. A few more of these in a variety of scents are at the top of my Christmas wishlist. 

A Madeline Weinrib box in an ikat print, really there is not much more to say. Other than, can you send along a rug with it as well. Seriously though, I want to start collecting boxes and I believe this would be a wonderful start to my collection. 

Last but not least this gorgeous skull tapestry cushion by Alexander McQueen for the Rug Company. I’m not a morbid type but his skull print just resonates with me. McQueen’s brilliance will long be remembered.

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I love all your choices, Tina! Thanks for putting this together for us. 

Be sure to pop on over and visit Tina at her blog; not only does she have great style, she also writes like an award-winning author!


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  1. Wow... Tina always finds the most fabulous things!!! I'm loving that JA table base, the ikat box, and even though I'm not really a 'horse person', I'm loving those bookends!


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