Thursday, September 15, 2011

Designer Profile: Angie Hranowsky

I'm constantly being introduced to new designers as I read various blogs and magazines. One who stood out to me recently was Angie Hranowsky, an interior designer based out of Charleston, South Carolina.

In reading through her profile, I noticed the phrase "relaxed, modern style", and I think that really sums up Angie's look. She also knows how to work with colour, creating beautiful interiors. Here's a look at some of her work, and you can check out her portfolio to see more!

I quite like those lucite bar stools (and the wallpaper)!

Mmm. That black sideboard is gorgeous and the gallery wall done to perfection.

Mirrored bed, anyone?

Did you notice all the purple? Just wanted to make sure you got a good healthy dose of the colour. Thanks for stopping by! 


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  1. GUH. I swear, she is so stinkin' fabulous and her spaces are pretty much perfection in my book! LOVE that dining room with the pink/purple chairs...if only I could get the hubby to agree to a color scheme like that! (c:


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