Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Layered Space

Last week I began "My Layered Space", which is a layer by layer look at the type of interior I am most drawn to. I shared the first two layers: floors and architectural details and finishes. Carrying on, I have another delicious layer to share today.

Layer #3: Natural Light

Letting loads of natural light into a home makes everything better, don't you agree? That means windows galore, please. Here's how it goes down with me...

If you're a big window, say floor to ceiling height, I like you.
If you're a big, arched, round or steel framed window, I really like you.

Welcome to Window Wonderland...

Let the sun shine in! Would you take larger than life windows in your home?


image sources: 1. desire to inspire; 4. cococozy; 6. decorpad; 9. decorpad; 10. architectural digest; 13. house and home; all other images via pinterest


  1. As a photographer and a huge fan of natural light I adore this post. Great finds and a little slice of heaven here on the internet :) I've added you to my weekly blogs to check in on and read. Well done on your entire blog (found you via the Parlour blog ;)

  2. Thanks, Dawn! Yes, I suppose lots of natural light makes interior photography much easier. I will have to check out your site and your work. So kind of you to stop by and say hi. -Sarah


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