Friday, September 23, 2011

My Top 5 Chandeliers

Hello, Friday! It's the end of a week, the dawning of a weekend, and high time for a top 5. I had hoped to have this ready last Friday, but it proved to be challenging. I pretty much love any and every chandelier, so it was hard to narrow it down to just a few. I've done my best, and here are the lovelies for this week. I will say right off that bat that I'm more of a traditional girl when it comes to chandeliers. I love the sparkle and the romance of all that crystal! I have included a few modern ones for those of you who lean the other way though too.

#1 The Classic (This is probably what comes to mind when you hear the word chandelier.) Covered in crystals and over-the-top pretty!

image sources: 1,3,4 dreamy whites; 2 pinterest

#2 Empire: A traditional look that is regal, elegant and totally gorgeous. Perfect for a formal dining room or entryway. 

Or a kitchen! (Isn't it perfect?)

image sources: google; pinterest; me oh my; google; restoration hardware

#3 Glass: I love this look because it offers shine and shimmer in a simplified way. A glass chandelier is the perfect compromise chandelier. It has the shine of the crystal chandelier without all the bling. It has the clean lines of a modern chandelier, but it's still feminine and pretty.

#4 Beads & Shells: This look is natural, perhaps a little beachy, and definitely more laid back. Here are a few of my favourites. 

image sources: 1,4 shine by SHO; 2,3 oly studio; marjorie skouras

#5 Modern: I'm not as drawn to the modern chandeliers out there, but here are two that I do like. The first one is made from reclaimed glass so it has lots of shine to it. The second is by Jonathan Adler and is quite popular in the design world. I like the brass finish and the cluster of lights. It definitely makes a statement.

image sources: oly studio; Jonathan Adler

Winner Up! The Faux Bamboo Chandelier. This is another favourite I just couldn't leave out.

image sources: 1st dibs; decorpad

Oh, and this one (available at Made Goods) looks similar to the faux bamboo but is more twig-inspired.

So, I'm calling this my top 5 chandeliers, but I realize that is stretching it just a little... by about 20! I hope you enjoyed it though. It was fun to put together. I think I'd hang a chandelier in every room in our house if my husband would let me get away with that! 



  1. I love using the traditional styles in unexpected places like kitchen and bathrooms. They are all so beautiful.

  2. I love chandeliers... I'm obsessed with finding 'stand-out' lighting for my living room and kitchen... haven't found it yet (or at least not on my budget!) Love your round-up. My faves are the two modern ones.

  3. LOVE all of these, gorgeous choices. If I could put more into my house, I would. I'm thinking about adding one in my ensuite!


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