Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Weekend Plans

I don't think I've mentioned my rather exciting weekend plans. These particular weekend plans have me feeling something like this...

Yep, I'm pretty pumped. So, what are my weekend plans? Well, I'm off to the beautiful city of Vancouver for the Interior Design Show (West), and I get to meet a whole bunch of blogger friends! That is certainly exciting in itself, but I'm also looking forward to the little break I'll get from the regular, day-to-day responsibilities of motherhood. To be able to board an airplane with only my purse in hand will seem rather strange but will be a nice break (anyone who has flown with little kids knows what I'm talking about).  

So, I get to take in the Design Show (which includes hearing from, meeting and interviewing some fabulous designers), visit family, meet bloggers, and perhaps have a little R&R. In case you're wondering why I left shopping out, it's because I've done my shopping prior, in an effort to try to avoid looking too much like a country bumkin!

I want to say a little more about meeting my blogger friends. I feel like I already know many of them, but it will be lovely to meet them in person. They've been so supportive and encouraging as I've ventured into the blogging world. Not everyone will be at the meet up (which is sad), but it will fun to meet those who will be there. It's fun to be part of a group that shares an interest in all things design-related. Our group is called the Canadian Design & Lifestyle Bloggers West. You can check out our blog here, and if you're a blogger in the western provinces whose interested in meeting other "local" bloggers, let me know!

I also get to stay at this awesome-looking hotel, The Loden.

Gosh. I feel spoiled right now. A big thank you, along with a hug and kiss, to my darling husband for letting me have this little getaway. And another big thank you to the grandparents for watching the little people while mommy's in Vancouver "Bancouber".



  1. OMG... you are going to have a great time!!! Wish I was going with you (but then it would be like flying with another child because I'm such a terrible flyer!) Take a ton of photos and we have to get together when you get back so I can hear all about it!

  2. Ack! I CAN'T wait to meet you finally AND I am glad you are coming!
    I am staying at The Loden too {along with 3 other room mates!} I am getting soooo excited! Will you be at the gala on Thursday?

  3. Glad you can make it to IDS! It will be great to meet some of the others in our group! Safe Travels!


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