Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spotting Quatrefoil

I was recently struck by the frequency in which the quartrefoil symbol is showing up. Perhaps I'm behind the times to have only noticed it now, but nonetheless, it's a charming symbol, and I thought I would do a little round up for you today.

If you're not sure what I mean by "quatrefoil", not to worry. I had to do some reading up on it myself. According to Wikipedia, "The word quatrefoil etymologically means "four leaves", and applies to general four-lobed shapes in various contexts."

The symbol was very popular during the Gothic and Renaissance eras. It was (and still is to some extent) commonly used on many churches and cathedrals.

The symbol can come in these three basic variations:

image via Wikipedia

The symbol in the interior design world...

Suzanne Kasler

Asilah Bed from Ironies; Room Design by Thom Filicia


Textiles & Furnishings

I quite like the look of this simple but elegant symbol; I especially like the symbol combined with a square (the mirror and side table above). What about you?

Happy September 1st! Fall is a favourite season of mine, although it's always rather sad to see the summer months go.


Sources: Quartrefoil Pewter Fabric via Tonic Living; Emilio Lemon Drop Pillow via Tonic Living; Dhurrie Rug via Shades of Light; Cabinet via House Beautiful; Collier Dining Table by Suzanne Kasler; White Bowl (Source Unknown); Hickory Chair by Suzanne Kasler; Tini Table from Oomph; Pendant Light by Regina Andrew; Anna Lantern by Julian Chichester; Sconce by Suzanne Kasler; Quatrefoil Mirror at Lowe's; Floor Lamp by Suzanne Kasler


  1. All of these are pretty. I especially like the bed. The detailing really "pops" with the dark wall colour.

  2. What a great word! (And some great pictures too!)

  3. Love the quatrefoil rug especially. Great post. It is funny at Elizabeth's Montessori, this is one of the shapes they learn. LOL. Have a wonderful vacation!!!


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