Friday, September 2, 2011

An Update & Some Pretties

It's Friday already and I just haven't had a chance to put together a top 5 for today. We're actually en route to Vancouver Island today for a week-long vacation. Well, it's a vacation for me and the kids, but my hubby is going to be hiking the west coast trail (I would not consider that a vacation, although it is an adventure)!

Since I'll be down at the beach either soaking in the sun, collecting sea shells, or flying a kite, I've asked a few friends to fill in for me while I'm away. There are four fabulous bloggers ready with guest posts for next week. These are all ladies I consider to be oh so stylish, and they're going to be sharing what they've Lately Been Lovin'. I've had the chance to see what they've put together, and it's mighty fine. You'll definitely want to stop by for a visit.

And a few random pretties to close out the week...

Have a good weekend and be sure to stop by next week to catch the Lately Been Lovin' posts!


image sources: via pinterest; via This is Glamorous; via Made by Girl; via pinterest (next 3 images); via Elle Decor


  1. I love, love, love all of the these photos. Great post!!

    'Please visit our new website and check out our blog’

  2. Have fun! My parents just moved away from Van Is, lived in Comox for 8 years. Now they live closer.

    Have fun! Are you coming to the IDS show and meet-up in Sept/Oct?

    FYI: watch for cougars!

  3. Have a great time holidaying!...My girlfriend is doing the WCT @ the same time as your husband!...
    These pics are truly ...TO DIE that table!?

  4. This is some serious inspiration! I love that first image. I've had it saved to my inspiration folder for months now (: So relaxing and beautiful!

  5. Hi there. Do you have any idea where the first picture came from? I want that color on my walls! :)

  6. Hi Heather! I believe the bedroom was designed/decorated by Lee Ann Thornton of Thornton Designs. Perhaps you could e-mail her and ask what colour she used for the walls. You can visit her website:
    I hope that helps.
    Have a good weekend!


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