Monday, September 12, 2011

The Vacation

Hi, friends! It's good to be back at it. We're back from our holiday on Vancouver Island, and while we had a great time, we're happy to be home. I hope you enjoyed the guest posts from last week. I know I sure did. A big thank you to my blogger friends for sharing what they've "Been Lovin' Lately". A few of you commented that you have a compelling urge to acquire a pair of stylish brown boots now. Me too! We'll all sport our fall boots together. 

We had a real relaxing week on the island. We stayed at Madrona Beach Resort and had an ocean view. It was lovely and restful. The kids LOVED the beach, especially all the readily available sand to dig and play in. Luke also had to taste it, but he quickly realized it wasn't all that edible.

Madrona Beach is a lovely resort near the town of Parksville. We holidayed there a few times as family when I was growing up. It was special to be back with my kids doing all the things I had enjoyed doing years ago. My parents and one brother were along for most of the time as well. The kids thoroughly enjoyed all the grandparent time. 

*my brother took "the view" pictures

We didn't eat out all that much since there was a kitchen in the condo and it's often easier to eat "at home" with little kids. The one night we did go to an Indian restaurant in Parksville though. It was so so good. I could eat food like that every day!

Beach time was definitely the highlight for the kids. They took to the sand and water right away without any hesitation. Good thing we had access to laundry facilities in the complex! These kids went through the clothes. 

Yes, we had lots of fun. I'm thankful we had the chance to do this as a family, and I think we'll back in the future. It's a really beautiful place to holiday. 

I'm curious... do you have a favourite vacation spot?



  1. Glad you had a good and relaxing vacation. We spent time in that area last summer and adored it. We came home with buckets of sand dollars and sea shells.

  2. Great vacay photos Sarah! I lived on Vancouver Island for almost 10 years, and miss the relaxed pace sometimes. It looks like you had a fab time! Everything tastes better with a little sand on!


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