Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vintage Park

If you're from the Saskatoon area, you will likely be familiar with the Regional Park near Rosthern, SK. The kids and I had a chance to hang out there the other day. It was a park I didn't visit often as a child, but it was always exciting when we did get to play there. It had the tallest slide and longest zip-line ever! I felt rather nostalgic going back. Not much has changed. 

The kids had lots of fun, and they keep asking to go back to the big slide park. 

The red tube slide is not the original, so it doesn't look all that vintage-ish. The slide I remember was metal and went straight down the hill. This tube slide is much safer and still lots of fun! Yes, I went down several times. Luke needs help after all!

I hope to have that top chandelier round up ready for tomorrow. See you then! 



  1. Wow, what a cool park and your photos are amazing!

  2. Funny I grew up in Saskatchewan and now a B.c girl and I never made it to that park. I lived in Regina for 3 years but as you know Saskatchewan it a better city isn't it? That is where you live right?

    Looking forward to meeting you next weekend.


  3. Thanks, Jodi! I look forward to meeting you too.

  4. Awesome photos, Sarah! I especially love the one of Luke in the swing.

    I have fond memories of that old metal slide - did you ever go down on the shiny side of a chip bag? It made you fly at rocket speed!

  5. Kim, that made me laugh. No, I didn't ever try sliding down on the shiny side of a chip bag. Don't give me any ideas! :) "Rocket speed" sounds awefully tempting.


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