Thursday, October 6, 2011

Artist Feature: Zoe Pawlak

I had the opportunity to meet Vancouver-based artist, Zoe Pawlak, at BLEND (our blogger meet up) this past weekend. She was lovely to chat with at the party, and I've since had a chance to look through her site. Her work is stunning. I'd say she specializes in a figurative/modern style, and her use of colour is beautiful.


Zoe is one talented lady! Have a look...

She has a good collection of available works and also does commissions. I'd love to add one of her works to my collection.



  1. Beautiful!
    Admittedly, I don't often 'get' art, but I know what I like and what I don't. I like Zoe's work! I definitely appreciate more modern/abstract style when it really looks like something.
    I love the pastel skyline, and the flowers are my favourite of this collection.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. She is so talented!! It was a pleasure to meet Zoe in person, and boy do I wish I could have won her door prize print! Lol.
    Nancy xo

  3. Her works is SO gorgeous!! love it!


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