Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Banquette Dining

I love me a well-placed banquette. There's just something about it. It's cozy and welcoming. I like how you can pile lots and lots of people in if you need to. Perfect for families. A banquette is a great way to carve out a dining area when space is tight.

Whether you favour a traditional or modern style, here are a few pictures that prove just how lovely a banquette can be.

Brilliant & Beautiful! I like.

Image Sources: image #4 Massucco Warner Miller; All other images via pinterest and google


  1. HI Sarah!
    Love all your inspiration on the banquettes, which I incidentally never knew they were called! Thanks for the enlightenment! I especially love the second to last one as it looks like the most spacious and practical with tons of natural light!

  2. Ps. Thank you for including every little thing on your blogroll! I need to update mine in a big way and Prairie Perch will definitely be on it!! I have just been a little distracted lately and not able to visit blogs the way I would like to ...not to mention maintain my own!!


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