Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cozamia Prints, A Perfectly Pretty Space & One More Floor Plan

Hello, one and all! I have a couple things to share today. Both of them have been popular in the blogging world lately, so you may have already seen them. Please forgive me if you've already seen a dozen posts like this. For those of you who haven't seen a post like this, I'm writing with you in mind! 

First off, I wanted to show these beautiful and affordable prints from Cozamia. Cozamia is an art print shop run by Nancy Ramirez of Toronto. Nancy's prints are modern but very pretty and colourful. (The third one down is my favourite!) Nancy is in the process of updating her website, but you can visit her at her blog for more information. 

And the other thing I want to show you is this perfectly pretty space designed by Nichole of Parlour. The space is used by her client as an office/client consultation space from what I understand. It was featured in the latest issue of Adore. I said it was pretty. Now see for yourself. 

Glamorous and Feminine... oh yeah.

Thank you to those of you who offered feedback on my "thinking about building" post yesterday. I found another great plan I like, and I may as well share it with you. This post was already turning out to be quite the mish mash. I realized that most of the bungalows I shared with you yesterday would be too wide for the lot we're looking at once a double attached garage was added. I ended up finding this 2-storey I like (thanks for the tip, Allison). 

 It's over 1,700 square feet so it may be a little much for us, but I'm definitely going to hang onto it as a favourite. 

Sorry for the casserole. Have a fabulous day! 


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  1. Love the Cozamia prints, and that office by Nichole is fantastic! She has talent! I like today's floor plan... The only thing you might want to look at is the garage entry. You will use that one all of the time so you might want to try work some kind of a 'mudroom' into the plan. My friend in Calgary had a similar plan with the garage entry into the flex room and it was a bit of a disaster.


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