Friday, October 28, 2011

Holy Hardware, Batman!

Hello, friends. Happy Friday to you all! Sorry I wasn't around yesterday. We have been quite the social butterflies the last few days. Anyway, that's not really the norm for us. We're usually rather hermit-like, but we do get out from time to time to visit with other humans.

So, I've been thinking about the "top 5" posts I've been doing every Friday for quite some time now. I enjoy doing them, but I often have trouble keeping the list to 5 favourites. Calling it "top 5" was becoming a bit of a joke. Anyway, I've decided just to share some favourites every Friday. The content will still be home furnishings and accessories, but there's no point calling it a top 5 when it rarely is.

This week I've rounded up some favourite hardware for you. I've tried to go with sources that are more familiar.

First off, a few favourites from Home Depot:

Favourites from Restoration Hardware:

From Lowe's:

From Lee Valley:


I also really love these brass pulls Jen of Made by Girl used on her new sideboard. They are available through

"Holy Jumble, Batman!" (And happy weekend too!)



  1. Love those ring pulls from Lee Valley Tools! And that one from Lowes - gasp!

  2. I think it's funny there's a site called, especially since those are the ones I like best!

  3. Nice choices! I recognize the Home Depot ones as we were just doing a little hardware sourcing ourselves! And we have a tiny dilemma that the Anthropologie brass & clear glass pull just might fix... if my daughter will agree... which, I'm pretty sure she won't, but I'll try ;-)


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