Monday, October 17, 2011

Mirror & Glass Accents in the Home

I'm pleased to have Susi from Design Shuffle sharing some inspiration with us today.

Hi, I’m Susi, a writer for Design Shuffle, the online community for professional designers and design lovers from around the world to share their projects and find inspiration. I'm so lucky to be able to visit amazing design blogs like Prairie Perch and guest blog. Today I'm writing about mirrored and glass accents in the home. Mirrored and gold accents add sparkle and reflect light in a beautiful way. Whether you chose to use a single large mirror or a group of mirrors, glass lamps or trays or bowls, using reflective surfaces in your home will add beautiful light and interest no matter what room. Here are some of my favorite decorating ideas for mirror and glass accents, including some clever and chic DIY projects. Enjoy!

Mirror Accent Design

Love the wall of mirrors. This looks like a simple DIY project with thin wood molding, mirrors and paint. So sophisticated.

Gold Mirror Accent

The gold mirror brings extra light and sparkle to this dark room. The gold looks so dramatic against the black walls.

Mercury Glass Accent

Whether it is antique or DIY look-alike, mercury glass combines glass and mirror into a single object. Love the glow of mercury glass that is different than any other surface.

Mirror Bathroom Design

Love the mirror on mirror in this bathroom design. A great way to transform a builder installed wall mirror into something glamorous.

Colorful Glass Design

Gorgeous groups of colored glass are a great way to decorate with glass. Pick vases, Murano ashtrays, bowls or even juice glasses and group them by color for impact.

DIY Glass Lamps

Silvery mirrored lamps or mercury glass lamps have a mirrored finish that shines. This pair is a DIY project with mirror spray paint. Gorgeous.

Starburst Mirror Design

Love the look of colored glass, like this blue lamp. The glass gives the color a translucent look. The starburst is a clever DIY project.

Mirror Gallery Design

Always interesting, no matter the interior design style, a collection of mirrors make a pretty wall when hung gallery style. A mirrored console table adds extra sparkle. [ Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 ]

To see more interior designs with gorgeous accents, head over to Design Shuffle where designers such as Boston interior designers and San Francisco interior designers provide inspiration to all.

Thanks, Susi, and Design Shuffle! It's always nice to hear for someone else from time to time, right? :) That first image (the wall of mirrors) is stunning. I'll have to file that one away.


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