Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Layered Space

I've been thinking about this post for a while now. I basically knew what I wanted to include as the next layer of "my layered space", but it took me some time to put it together. Anyway, my layered space would most certainly include some fabulous art. I realize that what I consider to be fabulous art may not be fabulous at all as far as you're concerned. That was part of my trouble in putting this together. So, while I will share some favourite pieces of mine, I've also put together a few thoughts on collecting and displaying art that will hopefully be helpful.

1. Collecting art that "speaks" to you.

For example, as I was browsing through the Graham and Green site, I saw this print titled "Belle Hugs Boo". I thought it was so sweet. The little girl reminds me of my Avery with her short, brown bob. Something like this would be darling in A's room.

This piece is by William Perehudoff, a Saskatchewan-born artist. The painting is called Waskesiu Lake. Waskesiu is a national park in the province of Saskatchewan, and is a perfectly lovely place. This piece brings back fun, childhood memories.

2. Collecting art in the colours you love.

I won't try to describe the colours I like. I'll just show you! I love abstracts for showing off colour.

1, 2 Meredith Pardue; 3 Rebecca Cabassa; 4, 5 Zoe Pawlak; 6, 7 Patricia Larsen

3. Collecting art that sets the mood and "agrees" with the overall feel of your space.

What I mean is... you would not likely put "Belle Hugs Boo" in your formal dining room. You might put these fabulous fashion sketches in your dressing room though.

all images via pinterest

4. Collecting art that catches the eye and grounds the space.

A bold piece of art is stunning and can really make the space. Lately, I've been drawn to the dramatic look of brushstroke art, especially in dark or contrasting colours.

via made by girl and James Nares

Photography can be eye-catching as well, especially black and white prints. Hanging them in a very symmetrical grid pattern has big impact on a space. It's often a more affordable, but still very effective way to create a dramatic focal point.

both images: Samantha Pynn

I'm still very much in the beginning stages of art collecting, but I'm trying to remember to have fun with it and to make it personal. I want pieces in our home that mean something to us and reflect us, our lives, our experiences, etc. I plan to leave room for the fun and cheery. Oh, and a bit of quirky is always welcome too. (James is the one with the quirks.)



  1. I loved this post! So many great works of art. Wouldn't it be wonderful to own so many of them! Patience:) Someday I will be happy with my collection!

  2. Great roundup of art, Sarah! I love that black brushstroke piece. Love all of the abstracts, actually!


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