Friday, October 21, 2011

My Top 5 Etageres

Hello, friends. I hope you've had a nice week. We enjoyed ours. It was productive, creative, fun, and even relaxing. (Wish I could say that was the norm.) Tomorrow is a really big day for James. He writes a major important exam. Well, he's not going to be doing much writing. It's all oral where they move from station to station and get tested on various examination skills etc. We'll all be glad when it's over! (I love my Mr. Smarty-Pants.) Oh, and we're going out to celebrate that evening. We're going to try Weczeria in Saskatoon. Friends of ours have been raving about it, so we thought we'd give it a try. Anyone been there?

I have a top 5 for today. I've collected some favourite free-standing bookshelves. Most of them have turned out to be more like etageres. What is an etagere? According to Wikipedia,

An étagère is a piece of light furniture very similar to the English what-not, which was extensively made in France during the latter part of the 18th century. It consists of a series of stages or shelves for the reception of ornaments or other small articles. Like the what-not it was very often cornerwise in shape, and the best Louis XVI examples in exotic woods are exceedingly graceful and elegant.
I didn't know what the word meant either. In looking at the pieces I've chosen, I seem to gravitate towards the "lighter" bookshelves out there, and that seems to qualify them as etageres from what I can tell. (I'm not an expert though.)

Anyway, here are the top picks for this week.

#1 Brass (Vintage)

#2 White Lacquer

#3 Black Lacquer

#4  Faux Bamboo

Tucked in at the very right side of the photo

#5 Painted Wood

Nothing beats well-designed built-ins, but any one of these beauties could "stand on their own" in my books. (Ack! Too many puns in one sentence. Sorry.)

Enjoy your weeked! Hugs all around.


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  1. I love the first one! Hope you are doing well. Congrats to your hubby. Wishing him the best! Enjoy your night out!

  2. I've been wanting a shorter etagere for my living room... haven't really found the right one though. Love some of the ones you've showcased here!

  3. Learn something new everyday :) never knew the name but I sure as heck like those! Hope your husband did well on his exam :)


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