Friday, October 7, 2011

My Top 5 Free-Standing Tubs

Now that fall is here and in full swing, I find myself wanting to crawl into the tub more often.There's nothing like a hot bath before bed, and lounging in a stylish, free-standing tub would send me off into my dreams before I ever crawled into bed! 

Free-standing tubs are all the rage these days. The tub feels more like a piece of furniture when it stand on its own in the space. Since it doesn't have to be pushed against a wall or tucked into a corner, the tub can take centre stage in the bath. Here are a few lovely tubs at various price points. Some are over the top, and some are fairly affordable. Have a look!

#1 Uberhaus Design at RONA & Acri-tec Freestanding Bath at Home Depot (Two stylish options at lower price points.)

#2 71" Kaya Freestanding Resin Tub (3,000)

#3 Cartesio by Benedini Associati for Agape (11,000) That built in storage is great, and, if you prefer, this tub can be tucked into a corner... versatile! 

#4 Calypso bath by WS Bath Collections (24,000) Very glam (and very expensive)!

#5 Ocean Shell Wooden Tub by Baglo Sasso (I can't seem to find the price on this one, so that probably means it's pricey. I like the shape and the wood look though!) 

Ahhh. I feel more relaxed just looking at these soaker tubs. 

Before I sign off for the week, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I guess that would be a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. Enjoy the turkey and pumpkin pie, and most importantly, count your many blessings. There are many indeed.



  1. Sarah, what a cool collection of tubs. I'm loving #2 of the affordable in particular. That wooden one too is just amazing!

  2. WOW!! I love all of these, I think my personal favorite is #2. I would dream of having a free standing tub, if you saw my 1986 bathrooms now you would cringe :)

    It was soooo nice to meet you Sarah, and I think I speak for the whole group when I say we were honored that you would travel far to come & attend IDSwest and Blend!!
    Nancy xo

  3. I like #2. I think I'm too frugal to even entertain the idea of a $24,000 tub!

    My top pick would be a classic claw-foot tub - totally the tub of my dreams. Anytime I'm looking at real estate (just for fun) I get the moving itch if I see an old house with a claw-foot tub!

  4. ahhh can you say, Amazing much? Love them all, would take them all.

  5. I am strictly a shower girl but I would happily put any of these in my house because they're gorgeous!


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