Thursday, October 20, 2011

Something for the Little Man's Room

My little man LOVES airplanes. If we're outside (and even if we're not), he'll stop, point up at the sky, and grunt (he isn't much of a talker yet). He freezes in that position until the sound of the plane dies away. Yep, he likes 'em.

The little guy is 16 months old now. He'll be ready for a big boy bed before I know it! I don't plan on making any changes to his current room immediately. We'll wait until we move houses next summer. Nonetheless, I've been looking for an airplane something for him. We were doing some shopping the other day and I spotted this aluminum plane. It was on clearance for $28 so I couldn't resist.

The plane will go on a shelf in the airplane lover's room.

And just to make it sweeter, I found a very similar plane on the ZGallerie website. It's priced at $59.95! So, I think I found myself a pretty good deal. (That's always nice.)

I'm excited to do Luke's big boy room for him. It's still a ways off, but I've started to think about it and collect inspiration. Some favourites so far...

Framed airplane prints would be perfect.

I like the reclaimed wood and the bed.

This would be perfect too!

I like the colour scheme here. The brown and green feels fresh. It moves away from the predictable "blue boy's room."

I like this colour scheme too. The neutral palate gives the space a calm, relaxed feel.

I really like the grown-up look of the bed. The extra tall bookshelf is a nice touch too.

A teepee would be awesome! The kids would love "camping out" from time to time. (Perhaps more appropriate for a play room though.)

So, those are the beginnings of little man's room - all just ideas at this point. I'm excited to do something special for him. We didn't do much to the nursery when he was born, so I look forward to creating a little man space for my dear, sweet boy when the time comes.

Wishing you a most fabulous day!


All images via pinterest


  1. Love all of your inspiration rooms... I started decorating my boys rooms ages ago. Totally stalled out on it... this makes me think I need to get back at it!

  2. I have that same silver airplane. SO CUTE!!! love all the ideas that you posted :) I may have to "borrow" some of them ;)


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