Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thinking About Building

As many of you know, James will be finishing up his schooling next summer. We're seriously considering moving to a small town about 40 minutes north of Saskatoon. James would really like to work in a more rural location for at least a few years. I'm up for it as long as we're close enough to "the city" to drive in whenever we like. Since we know that a move is pending (and because I'm a total planner), we've been starting to look at the housing in this particular little town. Because of the size of the town, there are rarely more than a dozen homes for sale at any given time - not a lot to choose from. Many of them are dated and in need of some fairly major renos. There are, however, a few nice lots for sale and they're all very reasonably priced. 

So, we've been thinking about building. We are still very much in the thinking about it stage, but, being the planner I am, I've been looking at some... plans! We aren't trying to build our dream home, but we do have a few "wants" on our list. Here they are...

1,200 sq. feet (minimum)
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
basement to be finished in the future
garage (preferably attached)
open concept LR, DR & Kitchen
main floor laundry (preferably) 

Here are a few of our favourite plans thus far. Again, we're still just thinking about it, but I thought I'd let you in on this stage of things. I'm sure there are several of you who have built homes and can offer some advise. 

A) 1,355 sq. ft.


B) 1,364 sq. ft. 

C) 1,379 sq. ft.

D) 1,456 sq. ft.

E) 1,512 sq. ft.

F) 1,624 sq. ft.

There's so much to think about. I could babble on and one about all the things I've been thinking about. I'd say right now my favourite plan is plan "D", but I really like plan "F" as well. I would love to hear from those of you who have built a home. Do you have any tips for me? What were some of the important things you learned along the way? 

Have a great day, everyone! Today is Avery's 3rd birthday so we're going to be doing some extra fun things today. I'm thankful for the three wonderful years I've been given with my darling little girl.

Blessed beyond measure.



  1. Ooh building would be fun. Sammy & I are thinking about building in Hampton Village in Saskatoon sometime next year so we've been scouring builders and plans the last few months. We have some of the same wish list items. I love the idea of having a mudroom in our next home. Some of the sites we've looked at for plans are and who were thinking of building with once we get all of our basement problems solved. We would love to build a 2-story with a bonus room above the garage, but we're considering a bungalow too. Hope you have fun making all the plans!

    Also, Sammy & Eva & I want to wish a very happy birthday to Avery! :) Hope you have a fun day together!

  2. I really like plan "D" as well! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I would love to build someday! Check out I really like there plans. They are based out of Regina and they even were featured on Sarah's House (the farm house season). No relation to Sarah, but some great plans!

  3. Wow, what a giant but exciting undertaking. That project should give you blog posts for about 5 years!!

  4. How exciting!! I have never built BUT I have lived in 2 newly built homes and worked as the designer for a home builder in Ontario for 3 years. The best advise I could give you is to make sure you do a space plan with your furniture in the rooms before finalizing a house plan. Sometimes things look better on paper than in real life! This especially rings true with open floor plans. Taking a second look at the floor plan with the furniture in it will help you visualize the space better to make sure it suits your needs.

    I think I'm liking D the best, although I would re-work the master bath somehow to get a little more counter space. Maybe even skip the tub altogether and create a grand walk-in shower? That would even buy you a little more closet space too!

    The porch is really nice on F, but I would do a fab angled kitchen Island as that will be the main focal point as you walk into the house.

    The best thing about building is you get to choose your plan and finishes to be exactly how you want them!!

    Best of luck!

  5. Sarah, the pics of your daughter are absolutely gorgeous!! And how exciting to build!

  6. Sarah! What gorgeous photos of Avery! 3 is an amazing age... so fun! Exciting that you are building... I like plan F better than D... I wouldn't want the kids rooms right by the garage entry.

  7. Happy Birthday to Avery! Wow 3, it is such a fun age. Our grandson, Riley was born on the same day and year.
    I like, well all of them. But that doesn't help. Guess that I am from the old days for I love a dining room. We use ours every evening. Even though it is only the two of us any more. Old habits die hard.

  8. Building a home--wow!!! How very exciting to start thinking about ;) Oh, and Happy Birthday to Avery!


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